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Gudday fellow travellers, let’s help each other out.

(Warning: First time blogger! Any feedback is welcomed)
Every time I travel somewhere, whether it be for vacation or if I’m moving there, I always think “What I need is Tenzing Norgay, a good sherpa guide to show me all the secrets the locals know but I don’t.” I just got back from the Florida Keys and before I went I checked out a bunch of travel sites to make my list of must see and must do things like Hemingway House, etc. And, although I got some great information about the local attractions, not one of them told me anything practical about the local customs e.g. when parking on or around Duval street (the main drag in Key West)  you have to park, then find a parking meter box to get the parking permit. to put in your car window, except on Sunday mornings when you can park for free until 10:00AM OR for free parking…see what I mean? All these things I found out from a local waitress who was serving me breakfast on the beach. Nobody knows a place like the locals. Nobody.
Now I’m not saying that you don’t also get some good advice from other travelers on the travel sites, I’m just saying that most travelers are ‘tourists’ and do ‘touristy’ things. The majority of us herd together with a crowd of other visitors and are led from attraction to attraction by a tour guide. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, the thrill of a new experience is often intensified when it is a shared experience. But that also means that all of their experiences and stories are similar, one sounding pretty much like the last one and the next one.When I travel I like to avoid the tourist buses and tours and instead take the local public transportation. It’s often a bumpy ride, crowded and sometimes dirty. But it’s the best way to meet the locals and meeting the locals does four things for you: you make new friends you wouldn’t have made any other way, you get the ‘inside scoop’ on things to do, places to go and things to avoid; you get better stories and have more unique experiences than the regular tourist experience provides; and you really get a taste of the local flavor.

So here’s what I want your help with. I want to create a travel site that is not only a mixture of travelers experiences but also is a place for the locals to brag about their home towns, offer local advice and welcome visitors. What do you think of this idea?


One Response

  1. Probably would be best to set it up as some sort of geographic based wiki.

    Have you looked at wikitravel.org yet? There may be some ideas there you’d want to poach.

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