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Gudday, our names are Tanja and Bojan, we are very happy to live in one of the most beautiful countries on earth, in Slovenia. Despite Slovenia is small country located in the south central part of the Europe it offers us everything that we could wish.

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Slovenia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Here you can climb in the Julian Alps, row or swim in the Alpine lakes, visit world famous caves, swim in the Adriatic Sea, drink coffee in the very old town centres, see castles and much more.

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Slovenia is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers but on the other side you can find big shopping centres, very good restaurants, many beautiful spas and much more. Slovenia has highways so you can see all these places in a short time without much traveling. So everyone is welcome to visit Bled, Piran, Ljubljana and other beautiful places in Slovenia.

To see a great map of Slovenia that highlights it’s must-see places, go to the Maps tab. To discover more about this amazing country then follow these two links and read Bojan’s first hand accounts as a local resident.

Bojan’s What To See in Slovenia guide.

Bojan’s complete guide to Slovenia.

Say Gudday to Tywyn Beach, Wales

Beaches in Europe

When you think of fabulous beaches, Wales, in the United Kingdom, isn’t exactly the first place that springs to mind but, roving reporter Heather, thinks you’re missing out by overlooking this unique place. Heather used to spend her her childhood vacations enjoying this picturesque beach along with her “extremely British family”. Find out why she remembers these vacations as some of the best days of her life by reading her full article HERE.

Say Gudday Norrköping, Sweden

Discover Sweden

Travel SwedenNorrköping, like many other places in Sweden, is stunningly beautiful with it’s castles, historic sites and rich past. If you’re planning a trip to Europe then Sweden is definitely a MUST SEE and to help you make up your mind about when to go, what to do, what to see and how long to stay, your virtual tour guide and local resident Irene is here to help you. She’ll answer any and all of your questions about her beloved city and country and help you in any way she can. She’s passionate about Sweden and wants everyone to experience it’s wonders. Talk directly to Irene HERE.

Say Gudday to Sicily

Interactive tour guide map for Sicily, Italy

If you’re interested in learning more about Sicily then look at this interactive map HERE. A place of gorgeous beaches, beautiful little towns, great food, ancient ruins, breathtaking vistas and all year round amazing weather, Sicily is definitely a travel destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Learn from the Locals

This interactive tour guide map has been created by local residents who want to share the hidden gems of their incredible island with you and help you get the most out of your visit there.

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La Manga Club, Spain

La Manga Club resort, Spain

Local resident, Richard, is so passionate about the La Manga Club in Spain that he has written numerous guides for it and even built a website about it!

Richard brags that La Manga gets a staggering 300 days of sunshine a year and is a “sporting Mecca” including kayaking, swimming, fishing, paintballing, kite surfing, cycling, snorkeling, tennis, golf, horse back riding and much more! Read his local guide HERE.

Eiffel Tower For kids

Paris, France

Getting kids excited about learning and travel is one of our most important accomplishments as adults so this article by SeeGreen is one that every parent should read. Read it HERE.

Surviving Paris

How to deal with the French

Let’s just say it, the French, the Parisians in particular, have a reputation for being somewhat…difficult to get along with. But the girl in the know, Hilary, is here to save us all a lot of headaches and help us get a lot more fun out of our vacation to Paris with just five, simple, little tips. Read them HERE.

The top 5 spots in Paris

Les Philosophes, Paris, France

Other tourists can tell you about the places they visited but it takes someone living in Paris to really give you the inside skinny. Remember the Say Gudday motto, NO ONE knows a place like the locals so Learn from the Locals.

Another entertaining and informative read from our girl Hilary as she shares her secret places in Paris. Read it HERE.

Image courtesy of

The Louvre, A Day at the Museum

the Louvre art museum, Paris, France

(photo courtesy

Hillary Billings, one of the most entertaining, young travel writers around, shares her adventures as she spends a day at the world renowned art museum, the Louvre in gay Paris. Her writing is entertaining and her pictures are simply stunning. Read her article HERE.

What’s happening in Paris

Paris, France, Europe

Geeve delivers another stunning and thorough article about another one of Europe’s most visited travel destinations, Paris. Read his complete article HERE.


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