Say Gudday to Sicily

Interactive tour guide map for Sicily, Italy

If you’re interested in learning more about Sicily then look at this interactive map HERE. A place of gorgeous beaches, beautiful little towns, great food, ancient ruins, breathtaking vistas and all year round amazing weather, Sicily is definitely a travel destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Learn from the Locals

This interactive tour guide map has been created by local residents who want to share the hidden gems of their incredible island with you and help you get the most out of your visit there.

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Family Fun in Rome, Italy

travel guide for Rome, ItalyAn incredible guide to seeing Rome with kids in tow.

Rome is a fantastic city , and every summer millions of tourist come to visit. However, Rome is not an easy city for smaller children. Going for sight-seeing is very tiresome, especially during the hot summer. Try to plan a few activities for children, in between. Here are some suggestions on things for chlidren to do in Rome. Some are great for a half-day visit, others really need a full day. Read the full guide HERE.

Amusement park in Rome, ItalySince you’ll be in Rome with your kids, why not go to Rainbow Magicland, a new amusement park that just opened in May 2011. Great rides like the Flying Island, fantastic shows including the Winx Club (three times a day),  water rides (so remember to bring sunscreen and bathing suits) and a host of other fun things for the whole family (see The Candy house pictured left). Read all about it HERE.

Water park, Rome, Italy, Europe

ZooMarine is a great mixture between zoo, amusement park and swimmingpool. People walk around in bathing-suits and flip-flops, everybody is really relaxed. We went a Friday in August, the busiest vacation period in Italy. Although plenty of people, it never felt crowded, there was enough place for everybody. Have a look here to see what to expect when you go there! Read the full account HERE.

Colosseum, Rome, ItalyThe Eternal city, the Sacred city, the Capital of the World. Rome has many names and many roads lead to Rome! Few cities are so well-known and loved as Rome. Rightly so, since it is bursting with art, history and architecture. You can spend months and years and still find new things to see. But Rome is so much more than ancient monuments and art. There is another side of Rome. Read the local tour guide HERE.

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