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The Nomad Grad

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you a special Nomad Grad update (insert your own beepy noises and dramatic news anchor voice here.) And boy, is it a kangaroo of a ‘tale’…

Best Jobs in the World

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The Nomad Grad

The boat engine revved, pushing us with great difficulty over the waves and choppy current. D’Tui sat in Ro Mereani’s lap. Sala and I squealed, huddled together on the floor as we hit each wave with a loud thwack. Water poured over the metal siding, filling the bottom of the boat with a thin layer of water.

Fiji Ocean Water

Mereani wouldn’t let us sit on the bench and gave us a tarp to share. “You’ll bounce right out of the boat if you sit up there,” she cautioned.

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The Nomad Grad

Mereani looked up from her paper as I walked through the front door. “Well? How did it go?”

Fijian SchoolChildren

I plopped down on the couch. “I’m not quite sure,” I said hesitantly.

She handed me a cup of coffee. “Tell me about it.”

I sighed, thinking back to the morning’s events.

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The Nomad Grad

Ro Mereani paid the cab driver. I stepped out of the vehicle and stretched. It took longer than expected to get to the village of Vanua— the port for all the boats leaving to Beqa— but we had finally arrived. We were one step closer to our destination, to the home of Talei’s people, and her final resting place.

Talei grave

I looked out past the shoreline to the ocean. There, only a few miles offshore lay Beqa- the island shaped like a sleeping dragon. Even on a sunny day like today it stood shrouded in mist. I had to laugh at nature’s ability to make its own metaphors.

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Like all Costa Rica trip planning, the ‘best’ anything (whether it be the best places to visit, the best things to do, or the best time of year to travel) can only be determined by the traveller asking the question. Trip planning is an incredibly individual process, and since every traveller differs from the next according to their trip interests, preferences, needs, and budget, it would be impossible to suggest that any one facet of the country (or travel throughout the country) is better or worse than another. This being said, as experienced as we are with travel and tourism throughout Costa Rica, we have developed recommendations and advice that can help travellers come to their own conclusions about the ‘best’ that Costa Rica has to offer…

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