Where is this castle?

where in the world

Castle by the sea

Does anyone out there know where this place is? At first I thought it might be  some kind of Disneyland showpiece but then I found the photo below which looks like the same place to me.

Visualize yourself watching that sunset while standing on one of those balconies parapets. Fabulous, right? So let’s track down where this castle is so we can go there.

beautiful castle

Sea Castle

If you know where this castle by the sea is, please post the answer in the comments section below.

Thanks to the fabulous travel-detective and fellow blogger Terri (see her comments below) this stunning castle has been located. It’s on the coast of the Black Sea in Crimea. To see the video of this place, GO HERE.

Name that place

You know that experience when you see a photo of some place that just looks amazing and you think “Boy-o-boy!” (what? I say that sometimes.) And then you think “I would really like to go there.” But then you think “Where the hell is that?” Well that happens to me constantly so I’ve come up with a solution. Every time I see a great photo but don’t know where it was taken, I’m going to post it here in the hopes that someone will recognize it and tell me where it is. Great idea, right? I know! So here’s the first picture. If you know where it is, please tell me in the comments section below.

Beautiful bridge

Just imagine paddling your kayak under this archway. Bliss. But where is it? Italy? Spain? Harlem? OK it’s probably not Harlem. I have to visit this place so help me find it!

Sailing Catalina Island

Boating Santa Catalina Island, California

Sailing Catalina Island

I’m finally planning my trip to Catalina Island! After all of the glowing reports I’ve heard from the people that have been there, I’m raising anchor and setting off to see for myself.

What’s so GREAT about Catalina Island?

Good question! Well, I haven’t been there yet but, according to other visitors, pretty much everything is great about Catalina. There’s an old casino there that was opened in the 1920’s and just looks gorgeous.


There’s a bunch of hiking trails all over the island and because nearly the entire place is managed by the Catalina Island Conservancy, it’s completely pristine. There are even herds of buffalo roaming the place that were transported there when some early western movies were shot there.

Diving and Snorkeling

Dozens of amazing dive spots pepper the coast where you can observe a myriad of different marine creatures including spotted harbor seals and the beautifully golden Garibaldi.


Campers flock to Catalina not just for it’s natural beauty but also because it has some extremely secluded campgrounds that offer extreme privacy. Many of these campsites can only be reached by boat or kayak, now how’s that for secluded!


Kayaking and kayak-camping is an extremely popular activity on Catalina. There are some great sea caves that you can even paddle right into when the conditions are right.

More to come!

Read about me preparations in detail HERE.

Submarine fun in Hawaii

Submarine package Hawaii

Now THIS looks like fun! Atlantis Adventures provides submarine tours departing from Kona, Maui and Waikiki. My wife loves the photos of the fish and the coral that I take while snorkeling but, due to a crippling affliction she calls fish-fear, she never goes in the water. This underwater escape seems like the perfect compromise where she can see the Hawaiian wonders without actually having to get in the water. The great news is that we can also enjoy it together.

Seems like a great activity for families too, very child friendly. Get more details HERE.

Hawaii submarine tour


Say Gudday Slovenia

Discover Slovenia

Gudday, our names are Tanja and Bojan, we are very happy to live in one of the most beautiful countries on earth, in Slovenia. Despite Slovenia is small country located in the south central part of the Europe it offers us everything that we could wish.

 Tour Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Here you can climb in the Julian Alps, row or swim in the Alpine lakes, visit world famous caves, swim in the Adriatic Sea, drink coffee in the very old town centres, see castles and much more.

Travel slovenia

Slovenia is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers but on the other side you can find big shopping centres, very good restaurants, many beautiful spas and much more. Slovenia has highways so you can see all these places in a short time without much traveling. So everyone is welcome to visit Bled, Piran, Ljubljana and other beautiful places in Slovenia.

To see a great map of Slovenia that highlights it’s must-see places, go to the Maps tab. To discover more about this amazing country then follow these two links and read Bojan’s first hand accounts as a local resident.

Bojan’s What To See in Slovenia guide.

Bojan’s complete guide to Slovenia.

Say Gudday Greece

This is Spartaaaa! And Athens and many other wonderfully beautiful places in Greece. Use our online, interactive map to help you plan your trip here. See exactly where the best things to see and do are. CLICK HERE to visit the map in Google maps.

Greece, it’s not just the Parthenon


If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Greece, stop talking to a travel agent and start talking to Roving Reporter Lindrus. She’s an expert on where to go, what to see, where to stay and, most importantly, what to eat! She has written ten amazing articles on vacationing in the Greek isles, each one more detailed and informative than the last. Don’t go to Greece without reading her blogs! And the best part is, she’s more than willing to answer any questions you’ve got. Just post your question in her guest book and she’ll get right back to you with her experiences, insights and advice.

She blogs on the Squidoo platform so, if that’s new to you, make sure you leave a comment in her Guestbook, even if it’s just to say Gudday. Read here articles HERE.


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